Start-up launch of a fashion-idea- and-lable.

My part: Idea, concept, coaching, creative consulting. photography. Client: ModaMineo

Creative consulting for Degussa and Brandstorm-agency.

My part: finding ideas to communicate and conect with costumers direct and in long terms.


”talking helps, said the doc.“

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1997fraktale marketing. Trend-Forum /Frankfurt/Main

1998creative thinking. Villa Tassen.Bornemissa /Lugano Ch,

2000creative politics. Near Hamburg

2004Lectures about moving marketing /Hamburg

2005talks about communication in room /munich

2007Talks about Visual communication /Oberursel, Fulda, Würzburg

2008 since than Coaching becomes Olli’s additional profession 

2009New thinking and acting /Munich, Bucharest

2016”a pic says more than 1000 words“ talk in Lubbock

2018”Its all through a story“ Storytelling talk /Luebeck

2018”Respect is the key“ talk  about MS and a good together /Luebeck

2019    Lectures about advertising. Schwerin

Start-up launch of a Osteopathy-company.

My part: Idea, concept, coaching, creative consulting, design.

Some companies I work for and whis.

Creative consulting for a new tissue-company.

My part: finding alternative ideas to dramatize the relevants whisout branding.

Start-up launch of a Restaurant in a business-aerea.

My part: Idea, creative consulting,