As a son of ad. Olli started his life 1967 in Frankfurt/Main, Germany and becomes a Waldorf-school student with all the creative and philosophical influences of the antroposophy. The world of design and communcation became soon his passion whitch got him to the art.

1984 he becomes a photographer in Paris and Frankfurt, teached by Jerry Pluser and Herman Leonard. Even in this periode he started with his first expo and got the art-award of cologne

Until now he work as an artist, photographer, graphical artist, creative director, director and writer. His ad and commercial work is awarded national and international: IITVA-, Red Dot-, Cannes Lion-, Golden Drum-award and New York-Festival-Award. ”No matter if it’s art, or commercial, if it is a visual or thoughts philosophical or in communication: if you can touch somebodies heart it is boundless!“

2007 Olli got his MS-diagnosis and a lot changed in his life. He changed his focus but not his passion of the creative work in film, communication, writing and art.